Explore into the interactive experience in technology collaboration. Transforming the way people communicate and connect within your organisation or institution. 

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Electronic whiteboard features the dry-ease technology to enable whiteboard content to be viewed remotely on any video screen or any web browser. It allows instant snapshot of each changes made. 

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Feel free to sit or stand anywhere in the room or space and easily connect with your laptops or smart devices remotely, regardless of OS. It keeps all messy connecting wires or dongles away. Presentation could be carried out in most flexibles spaces for any collaboration.

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In this fast growing technology era, AV has advanced towards interactive user experience level. It is not about typical display or audio system, the demand for close interaction technology is increasing. 

We design and integrate both AV system and latest technology to achieve the interactive effect in all areas. We could achieve presentation wirelessly at high resolution. 

As modern business move towards global approach, video conferencing has become a must in all industry. Unified communication could achieve such demand in the market share by implementing software and hardware technology.

With control system in place, every aspect is within one touch at all times remotely.