Technology advancement has improved daily life routine through ALL-IN-ONE touch control within every reach. It has integrated into every aspect of commercial and individual situation, 

We have been continuously working on  design and implementing various control system layout to optimize user’s experience in many ways. 

It is the time to feel and experience a whole new level of getting everything in control at your convenience within a TOUCH.


4K Full High Definition (FHD) Graphic display has been one of the most popular aspects among technology and system integration. Alongside with new creation and advancement, expectations are overwhelming. 

Videos and presentations are critical part of every business development and operations.  Communications are getting closer to being interactive. 

Important message and information are effectively translated into minds of everyone through Digital Signage. It is easily customised with wide selection of software and hardware to showcase relevant and interesting multimedia content.


Mass communication has increasingly become a form of essential international business operation. Distinctive software and hardware such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Polycom has tremendously improved various business entity vital communication tools. 

We are dedicated to plan, design and implement desired solutions of Video Communicating experience for trade and business optimization. 

Our professional team are experienced and well-trained to meet the increased demand in communication through video consistency in every aspect of real-time delivery of important information and messages.


Sophisticated audio advancement has enhanced the setting of every business operation and communication. From microphone to speakers, and high expectation of user experience, audio system has evolved to best fit every occasion such as video conferencing layout.

Current updates on microphone and speaker has unveiled a new chapter in voice-lift sensitivity technology for crystal clarity. It has greatly enhanced business flow and smooth communication at all times in different circumstances,

We strongly believe in bringing interactive audio to match and meet all business needs. 


In every business set-up, lighting atmosphere plays an important role. Different lighting setup represents different mode of presentation.

It is common to see lighting preset as a requirement in all business meeting model. With dimmer setting and configuration, various effects could be achieved just within a control at your reach.

Automated lighting system has progressed into as interactive through sensor recognition technology. Not only user-friendly, but electrical efficient.