A full complete, exclusive customised design based on individual’s needs and desired expectation.

Full dedicated consulting and professional advice to best fit your desired results.


With wide vast of exposure and experience, we have adopted various AV and IT solutions in different scenarios.

Where key priority is to provide our clients with quality and exclusive design solutions.


In TIR, we emphasize on equipment maintenance in every aspect. 

Preventive measures are kept in place, to avoid potential breakdowns such as wear and tear which could result in unnecessary downtime, operation disruption and damages to critical expensive parts.

We have extensive service agreements which offer coverage of critical systems.

Dedicated servicing includes out-of-office hours coverage, on-site repair/service and maintenance visits etc.


Upon delivery of your desired expectations, we focus on end user’s experience by providing customised training as  part of overall learning experience.

Configuration, operation with troubleshooting are part of testing and commissioning with clients.


In large scale environment and organisation where dedicated support are required, we do not hesitate to assign our dedicated certified engineers for operational hours on-site expertise to
achieve daily smooth business operation.

Certified engineers are well-versed in their area of expertise, well-trained in communication skills to interact with business users and clients in delivering service excellence as well.

We are committed to identify potential technical faults and rectify
in the fastest time possible.